Hong Kong 3D Mesh City Model
3D Model of Hong Kong by AMC Panoblique 香港三维模型-通过全景倾斜相机拍摄
1. HONG KONG 3D model (GSD 6cm)
Total about 45 sq.km. 3D model of HONG KONG Kowloon area, please refer the picture for det ails .

2. True ortho photos(no edit for building edge)
Sample of Trueorhto photo
Total about 50 sq.km. ortho photos of HONG KONG Kowloon area.
a. Print out size 2.5mx2.0m (HKD:1000)
b. Other smaller print out size (HKD:500)

3. Nadir and oblique raw images (jpg format, about 40MB per image)
HKD:100 per image, All images are captured by the date 07-Nov-2016 and 02-Dec-2016

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